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A Home To Home Senior Specialty is “Rightsizing” – removing clutter and determining a floor plan that is most functional for your needs. We create clear walkways to maneuver a walker, wheelchair or have enough room for emergency medical workers and equipment.

We always consider “The Right Thing To Do” over design esthetics. Rugs are a number one cause of a trip or fall, mostly, if a rug is placed on top of carpeting.

We always recommend no protruding or sharp edged furniture. Eliminate glass accessories and glass tabletops in high traffic areas.

We watch for accessories that can catch clothing, and we eliminate furniture that is too big for your space. Excessive amounts of belongings at this stage in life causes clutter taking more time, energy and space to manage, clean, repair and store.

Imagine walking into a situation where all the items in the home have been sorted by category and all you have to do is decide what you want to keep.

The remaining items are carefully disposed of by donation, recycling or sale through eBay, estate sale or consignment. We can provide the following services as you deem necessary:

  • Categorization and sorting of household items
  • Arranging certified appraisals
  • Estate, tag or garage sale to generate income
  • Packing items for storage to other location
  • Donation pick up
  • Dumpster rental and pick up
  • eBay, Craigslist and other listings
  • Inventory of important household items
  • Repairs and clean out assistance
  • Arrange shipment of items to out-of-town relatives
  • Project management for estate closure


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